Barter Supplies
Preparedness Information
Just in case things don't go as planned... Great for all kinds of emergencies... Please, remember it is better to be prepared for any curve ball thrown at you than to go to a shelter.      

Opshop's sells Potassium Iodate KI3 To protect your Tyhroid in case of a nuclear incident.
Iodate is better than Iodide, it has a MUCH longer shelf life, and tastes better, not much.
Double check the pricing.

U.S. ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH  Biological  Warfare; Anthrax, Smallpox, and other nasties.
OSIM's info on surviving without a doctor and NUKE incidents.
[These our on the Info CD.]

We still have some Info CD left.
The Greenspun's GICC and Countryside disc is here.

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A month's supply of food in a box under your bed!

Please forward technical questions via email

Lighting & Fire:

Mini-Mag LED Bulb
Gyro Flash Lites
Strike anywhere Matches

Hearing Aid Batteries

ONLINE Ordering, click here.

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A light bulb for the New Era!
Lite bulb socket with a candle stuck in it.
We hope that this won't be our light bulbs.
Make one yourself, just do it slowly and DO NOT cut yourself.
p/n #Californy-BULB  $do-it-yourself

White LED MiniBulb
It is not BRIGHT like a regular bulb, but this bulb will last over 700 hours on the same AA batteries! This is a long life light bulb for your Minimag or Brinkmann 2 AA or 2 AAA cell flashlight. It is drop shock proof and it is kinda bluish in color BUT you can READ and WALK around with out any problems. "T-1" size, 1000 millicandella @ 3.6V x 20 ma. It will last forever (100,000++ hours) as long as it is not over powered. I keep this as the spare bulb in all of my mini flash lights. Sharper Image and Real Goods sells this as a flashlight for $15+, get the bulb and get save lotsa dough.
p/n #LEDW-1 $6.95,

Gyro Flashlight
This little gem of a flash light is "Human powered", you'll develop a strong grip :) This is as bright as the one sold by Real Goods. Only better because of how the bulb is secured, if you drop it and break the retaining ring it will still work!
p/n #GYRO $8.95

Strike anywhere matches
We don't sell them, but I'm telling you how to get them! (please don't ask us for them).
Ace Hardware sells them, check there first they maybe cheaper.
Call 1-800-555-1212 (800 information) and ask for the 800# for Diamond Brands in Minneapolis, MN. order 2 cases (250 matches per box, 36 boxes per case) delivered for under $80.00. Get "Ohio Blue Tip" or "Diamond Tip" whichever they have in stock. Visa or M/C only.
Don't tell them we told you to get them!, just say friend gave you the number -- Just do it, NOW!!!!!

Hearing Aid Batteries
Sizes 10/230 (yellow), 312(brown), 13(orange), 675(blue) and the NEW 5(red).
Energizer brand, current date codes - not old stock!
p/n# BATT-(size) $4.95 for 8 cells

Shipped by usmail or ups ground; our choice.

Florida Sales Tax will be added to orders shipped in Florida.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. NO CODS :((
Shipping = UPS or USPS fees
Handling is an additional $2.00.

ONLINE Ordering, click here.
Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Discover
Please remember the Charge will appear as:
Guaranteed Hearing Aid Center

Technical questions via email to:

Phone orders only (no technical info): 561.686.4235, Hours 9-4 (Eastern Time) Mon-Fri (best time in 9-9:30am)
or FAX orders (locked / secure office): 561.989.5205 -- It's buzzzyyy try late at night.

Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover or Prepaid by check / money order
Mail orders to:
Guaranteed Hearing Aid Center
2240 Haverhill Rd
W. Palm Beach FL 33417
Please include: Name (exactly as on the card) , address, city, state and zip code, phone, email address, credit card number, expiration date and the NON-embossed number on your card (amex=4 digits of front, visa/mc/discover is the very long number on the back)
Include: Part Number / Quantity / Prices / Shipping & Handling (S+H) figure about 15% of the order, exceptions:
#WLED-1, If you only order these then the S+H will be $1.00.
Ordering only #BATT then S+H is 5¢ for each set of 8 cells, not to bad.
Please note: many items require boxes and other packaging material and time.
All pricing subject to change and limited to availability.

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