After about two weeks of effort the Forum CD is ready.
It contains the following forums:
   As of 2001NOV01

This is the same disc as listed elsewhere.

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These are working links to the acutal fourms, saved on the disc. The disc is an exact copy of the website.  All links lead to articles.

  As of 2001NOV01

There are many other gems located on this disk, you'll need to use "explorer" (a disk viewing tool).
Also, on this disk is the .pdf viewer of the PeeCee.

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How to buy this disc?
FYI: $5.00 of the $15 is a donation to: $2.50 Better Times (OKC RC church OK) and $2.50 to my local food pantry.

Send a MAILING LABEL and a $15 check or money order to: (you can print out the page & cut this out) The mailing label will insure correct shipping, and our hands will be sore from addressing the labels from the folks who don't include the label. Make the check out to: Guaranteed Hearing Aid Center

Just cut this out and tape to your letter

  Guaranteed Hearing Aid Center
  Attn: SPUN-2
  2240 Haverhill Rd N
  W. Palm Beach FL 33417-3958
                                                 <- use the zip+4 it will save a day or 2.

Also, please put a return address on the outside of your envelope.

For your records: Guaranteed Hearing Aid Center, Attn: SPUN-2,  2240 Haverhill Rd N, W. Palm Beach FL 33417-3958

Please send an email when you actually send a check, so I'll know how many disks to make. We're still taking orders. In the subject please put: "Want CD, sent check". If you want and have the time please write a short note (less than 2 pages) as to how bad you think it will get and WHY. We will read them.

The price includes shipping. (First class US SNAIL - if you want it faster then add $3.50 for 2 - 3 day Priority Express.

Credit cards not avaiable for this offer!

Email questions to: -- No phone calls on this deal either, just email, we're busy enough (not to be rude about it).  We'll promptly respond, I promise, unless the FAN gets loaded.

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