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Just in case things don't go as planned.
Great for all kinds of emergencies.

Please, remember it is better to be prepared for any curve ball thrown at you than to go to a shelter.   Having supplies on hand is the best form of insurance you can have.  You will feel better with a supply of food and goods on hand for any emergency, even economic!

Yours truly,
Fuzzy, Proprietor

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How to make an Alcohol Stove page
A month's supply in a box under your bed!

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Stuff we Sell page
Our Books page
Links page
Cloth Diapers page
How to make an Alcohol Stove page
A month's supply in a box under your bed!

Updated: 2001NOV01

Web master's notes:  Some of these links include ideas we do not agree with, however, the information provided is still useful. If you don't like what you see in a link be an Adult and move along, there are no "Rude" links, let me know if so. Also, advise us on links that need to be corrected.

Please note: a site listing here does not constitute endorsement -- in simpler words, buyer beware. However, please let me know if you're having problems, so I can pull the offenders of this list.

Pages to visit NOW!:
Fine Print A printer utility, download the trial version -- it prints 2,4,8 pages on one sheet. YA' gonna need it!
Social Security's Benefits report Get a printout of your Benefits report -- it will arrive in the mail 7-14 days. Read and click on the bottom "Request a PEBES".
CAR Recall Database Search by Make, Model and Year Get it fixed for FREE, NOW!
It's Funny Money Why the banks are FUD-ing us.
IEA - OIL and utilities reports -- MUST READ
Medicine - bugs to worry about page
A must read FAQ section A Must Download these too. Food, Bugout, Water Treatment, Medicine, etc.
ANOTHER must read FAQ section A Must Print Life, food and info

List of stuff to buy:
Just added Our Shopping page

Info - News:
For those of you who aren't faint of heart, go here. The WRP report
It's Funny Money
IEA - OIL and utilities reports -- MUST READ What's going on in the spin and fold cycle. All about the Stock Market's current mania.

Info - How to / Technical:
A must read FAQ section A Must Download these too. Food, Bugout, Water Treatment, Medicine, etc.
How to make solar ovens and water purifiers
Cosmoaccess, good info and discussion forums. Gone only available on my CD
Kurt Saxson Ignore his ramblings, This site has to much good info to skip.
Solar Mike's: Photovoltaic Resource Pages. Over 300 verified links.
Survival & Energy Info
Electrolysis Made Easy How to undo RUST!
Reliable Steam Engine Co.
Other Stirling Engine Web Sites -English-
Stirling Kit Gallery  A simple heat engine.
Low Head Hydraulic Ram pump plans - Ask any question here An encyclopedia on line.

Info -- Government:
CAR Recall Database Search by Make, Model and Year
Count down timer - federally speaking!
EDGAR Form Pick SEC 10-Q reports
GSA PBS Property Disposal Page Neat stuff here.
FL Abandoned Property You may have something lost, you didn't even know about. Send me 0.5% of the claimed item.
U.S. Consumer Gateway: Home Page
The Government Information Exchange
State and Local Governments (Library of Congress)
Florida State and Local Government (Library of Congress)
U.S. House of Representatives - Member WWWServices
U.S. House Of Representatives - Other Government Sites

Cryptosporidium Bugs in your water, You bet!

Medicine - bugs to worry about page also listed in Survival.
Necessary Vitamin & Minerals Cart
Feed Additives for Beef Cattle And you ingest them, too. Don't worry -- Moo.
Nancy's Table of Vitamins

Survival Resource Contact Information
Menu: The Coming Earth Changes Updates
Survival Documents Gone only available on my CD
IDF Homefront Command Direct from Israel, how to prepare for problems.
Medicine - bugs to worry about page
Special OP's Shop Tell Chuck Fuzzy sent you.

Homesteading / Farming:
Countryside Magazine - promoting self-reliance and simple life style through home food production, gardening, cooking, food preservation and other homesteading techniques YOU must subscribe to this "Rag," it's wonderful! - Food and Cooking Suppliers

Gardens & Seeds:
Our Garden page
Heirloom Seeds, For the most amazing selection of NON-HYBRID seeds, go here.
Welcome to GARDENING
The Garden Web Ring
ATTRA Resource List (Sustainable Agriculture Organizations and Publications

Food - Vendors:
Things to buy this week.
..Grain grinder. -DON'T Get the Corona Grinder it will rust on you!
Special OP's Shop Get the Czech Porkert mill / grinder UM-75Z or UM-150Z . At $40 / $80 it's less expensive than the Corona, too.
..TWO good can openers, Swing Away brand.

The Corona has some screws that MUST be replaced with Stainless screws. And it has a some of small crevices that are hard to clean. It also does not have an output spout so the flour spills out everywhere. Both The Porkert and The Corona are hot dipped in Tin (a food safe metal) and have other parts made from Stainless steel. The Porkert comes with a rubber pad for the foot plate so you won't scratch the counter, which allows for more cranking torque. The Porkert has a shorter Crank though, and a small hopper -- which can be kludged up to be bigger by putting a bowl with the bottom cut out on top. I'd still buy the Porkert hands down.

Best Prices Storable Foods, for Good Prices on food, go here.
Noah's Pantry, 1 year for 2

Food - Info:
How to seal mylar bags.
Food storage FAQ Everything you want to know, I've not finished reading it.
FreshPax Oxygen Absorbing Packets and Strips This is the brand we normally stock.
Home Canning Online
Corn Bread, an easy recipe
Utah State Univ. Food Info Pages
Morten's Recipe Collection - Got an Ingredient, Get a recipe!
DOA Bureau of Seafood & Aqua culture's Home Page
New England Cheese making Supply
Subject Index: cheese_making
Cheese Making Supplies
Cheese Making
Soap Making Page

A delicate subject! A Women's needs and Baby's Diapers:
Ovulation predictor and Birth Control, Easy and Inexpensive.
A better Microscope, than the one supplied by PFT-123. And can be used for other health issues.
Cloth Diaper Company Review Page
The Keeper
Cotton Menstrual Pads - organic cotton cloth
Flannel & Terry Menstrual Products
Snap menstrual pads
Cotton Menstrual Pads - organic cotton cloth
Home Spun Baby Diapers
Why are my cloth diapers and/or diaper covers leaking?!?
Fitted Diapers with elastic, stay at home mom
Pookie Doos: Snap style
THE FRUGAL BABY PATTERN Prefold, Contoured, Snap, Velcro, and All-In-One Diapers PINNABLE
Choosey Diapers--Fitted Diapers INCLUDING KUSHIES

Books: Our Books page


Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, for solar systems at great prices.
Talk to Warren and tell him OFuzzy1 sent you. Better get a move on it, Warren tells me his availability is getting hard to predict and he's thinking about raise prices.

Supplies / Products:
When Nature Calls, when you really need to go do it here.
Campmor Virtual Store
Sportsman's Guide On-Line Catalog
Homestead Products: Grain mills, Aladdin kerosene lamps, water filters, other quality simple-lifestyle & outdoors products

MSNBC - World Metal prices
Precious Metal Prices of the Day
Kitco, Gold and Other Selling Prices

Download EPM Step 3, don't remember this one.
Odd information, things that you may care about or need to know.



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