Mylar Bag Sealing Methods

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1. Don't use anything that belongs to your wife! This will surely cause problems.
2. Buy your own Iron and heavy duty yard stick.
Because the mylar bags can and will get sticky and RUIN these for use on clothes!
Once the bags cool down they are NO longer sticky.
3. The "Eurosealer" won't work well on these bags -- they're too thick.
4. Please, no complaints about grammar.


1.Clothes pressing Iron, don't use your wife's that will really add more gas to this fire.
You know the thing you never used before in your life, yeah that thing that makes your clothes wrinkle free.
2. A thick yard stick or a 1x3 (smooth no splinters), again, not your wife's.
3. 2 or 3 Binder Clips (smooth no teeth) thick enough to clamp the yard stick
4. Rubber Mallet or your bottom. If you bought our buckets you'd just spin them shut.


0. Turn on the Iron, you bought at Walmart or a Garage Sale for less than $11.00, to low cotton (80% of the dial).
1. I suggest freezing your grain for 2-3days, this should kill the bugs and their eggs, work out a deal with the wife, again don't hoard "her" space.
2. Load the 5 gallon buckets with the mylar bag. Stuff the bottom of the bag in, spread the bag wide and the smooth it out up the sides. Then fold the top portion out side like a cuff.

3. Pour in the grain, don't spill it. If you do be sure to clean it up. Or you'll anger the wife.

This is sugar, and then I loaded in Lipton Decaf Tea bags for the wife (no oxygen and they SHOULD still be nice in a year or two).

4. Insert dessicant 12 grams and Oxygen Absorbers 750-800cc packets.

5. Pull the Cuff up. DO IT or make a mess.

6. GENTLY shake and twist the bucket to settle the contents.
7. Using the seam edges pull the bag flat at the top edge.
8. Flatten, flatten and Flatten. Did I mention you need to smooth the top out?
9. Smooth and Flatten the edge.
10. Clamp the seams using the binder clips to the yard stick.

11. The Iron's heat should NOT melt the bag, but make it tacky until the area cools. Test on a small area (open corner), you should not be able to open the seam.
11a. Use the Iron (NOT your wife's iron) gently heat the mylar bag and slide the iron across the yard stick, leaving the last half inch.

12. Leave about 2"-3" unsealed, to squeeze the extra air out.

13. GENTLY squeeze out the extra air
13a. Someone suggested using a shop vac to pull the air out, This works GREAT! I used a Dust Buster with a crevise nozzle.
14. Again using the iron heat seal the rest of the bag.

15. Unclamp the bag.
16. Be sure the bag is sealed by Gently squeezing the little air that remained and none escapes, otherwise try again at #7.
17. Fold bag.
18. ALIGN the lid and seal the bucket, VERY gently using the rubber mallet, or sit and push hard -- I have broken a few lids by not being gentle enough!
18a. Buy the buckets with spin on lids from us, and you won't have sore hands anymore.
19. Label the bucket: Contents, date, nutritional specifications, serving [size & measure] & preserving methods used.

20. Store the bucket in a cool dry dark place.


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