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1.Square foot gardening, by Mel Bartholomew Gardening for Brown thumbs and Green thumbs.
How to garden in a small space to yield an amazing amount.

This a picture of one of the three square foot gardens

More to be uploaded as soon as the phone company clears the water from my modem line --(9600 is tooo slow to load images with)

The taste of fresh food just blows away the stuff you get at the market. If I can grow food you can too -- I'm a true brown thumb!

In Mel's book he talks about verticle growing, do it for everything whenever possible. Melons and Cukes, too. When trimming the suckers (new branches that are whole new plants) on your plants I stick them in a small pot and in most cases they will prosper and grow new roots. Be sure to trim suckers constantly!!! The suckers will detract from fruit growth.

When digging up the garden remove your sod and dig about 6 inches down. Buy the best soil you can and add "composted manure". Each bag contains almost 1 sq foot of soil, if you use a 2 x 12 you will need 14 soil bags and 2 manure bags - this includes the 6" hole.

We used 2 x 12 for our frames, NOT pressure treated (pt) -- The PT process uses arsenic (poison) Cut your wood to 4' lenghts and use 2.5" drywall screws. Predrill the holes, use a smaller drill bit than the threads on the screw.
On board "A" screw through the side about 1" from the edge into the end of Board "B". Photos will follow...

Water daily until things get going!!!!

Check for bugs and WORMS daily -- they'll eat everything in days. I prefer the organic approach, but you get very tired of the worms eating your plants and fruits (and vegetables). Then don't forget the birds and squirrels (anyone got a recipe for squirrel stew?) Use un-wanted CDs for scarecrows -- good use for those weekly AOL offers. :))

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